common ?’s

an “FAQ” of sorts

Do you draw everything that you post? 

yes, all the comics i post are drawn by me by hand. pen and paper, i have never dabbled in digital art and do not own a tablet.

What utensils /supplies do you use?

micron pens, india ink & nibs, copic markers. i also use magazine clippings, glue, exacto knives, etc.

Will you draw me?

yes- just not for free. if you’re interested in commission work shoot me an email at 

Can I use something you’ve made as a background or icon/can I print it out and do stuff with it/can I repost it? 

i don’t mind if you use my work for anything like that or repost it, all i ask is that you don’t take credit for something of mine or make money from it.

How long does it take you to do the comics or illustrations? 

most take anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on the detailing and relative size. 

Do you have a Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram


Where does the name Hanging Rock come from? 

long story short, the movie “picnic at hanging rock”

Do you have any formal art training? Do you go to art school?

i’m self taught and no, i’m not in school.

Do you have a store/ anything for sale/ published work or prints I can purchase?

not currently, i’m working on getting prints and things made and a bigcartel set up. i have one too many graphic novels in progress that i’d like to get published soon as well.

Where did you get your theme?

i’m using the Almerick theme by Pour Etre Belle which you can download here.