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You mentioned learning biblical Hebrew in your “birthday reflections” personal post, are you jewish or is it recreational? I had to learn it years ago in Hebrew school and never took a liking to it.


nope- i was huge on linguistics in highschool (wanted to be a professional translator for awhile) and i’ve been trying to be more diligently studious about it again. i think if i ever went back to school for something other than fine arts/ art history or music it would be language, so i want to keep sharp. i’m best in latin but i also speak french and japanese. anyway, yeah, my friend david and i share a fascination with the bible so he nudged me into learning biblical hebrew and i fell in love with it. portugese and ancient greek have been high on my “to learn” list for awhile as well.

when i was 14 and had no friends i would take the bus into the city every weekend and spend hours in the iupui grad library listening to velvet underground cassettes studying dead languages specifically. i was fixated on italy’s- memorized the difference between extinct umbrian and alive, still utilized umbrian, learned etruscan script- that kind of thing. i still find old notebooks written in bits of character systems i no longer recognize. in retrospect it’s hilarious that little teen me absorbed entire fragments of dead languages to effectively get my little brother to stop reading my diary.

so yeah, not jewish. just into languages.

What kind of equipment do you use for digital art? Like what tablets and stuff?


it’s odd to me that i get asked this question so often? i’ve never made digital art in my life i don’t have the first idea about that space..i don’t even know how to work photoshop i am your mom on a computer

my stuff is all ink, markers, magazine clippings, and cardstock. i can’t afford a tablet rn and because i get most of my work done on the bus/ at work/ where ever i can i don’t think it’d be ideal for me, i need supplies that are completely portable. but uh, there are lots of digital artists on tumblr i’m sure have resources for you. sorry! 

Quick note: I’ve seen you mention on several occasions your fondness for Alvin Lucier and “I Am Sitting In a Room” ; don’t know if you’re aware - because I’m certain it’s a fairly recent release - but there’s a documentary about him titled “Lucier: No Ideas but in Things.” I got to see it at a screening in London a few months past and it’s quite good. Thought I’d let a fellow admirer know. Cheers.


yes!!! so lucky that u got to a screening, i recently bought the dvd and it’s wonderful, a lovely retrospective of his work and ideals w/o being overly nostalgic like musician docs can get. some interesting commentary on the sonic arts union, & lucier himself is in great form. really enjoyable/ inspiring, i’d highly recommend it to anyone who counts themselves a fan of his or even just electroacoustic music / the process of sound art in general



(i haven’t poked around for active torrents of it so i dunno if there are any up yet, i might host one at some point but the filmmakers are pretty small time so if you can support them by buying it i think that’s good) 

it made me wish i went to wesleyan/ lived in connecticut so i could hear him lecture that’d be such a dream

i live in kansas city and my friend and i are trying to start up a lo-fi/garage punk feminist band and i know its a long shot but it would be so cool if you came here and joined it lmao


so into the idea of quitting my jobs / getting out of my lease early / abandoning everything i know to join a punk band with some babes i’ve never met but you sent this on anon leaving me no way to say yes so i guess now we’ll never know how cool we coulda been :-/

When did you meet Ariel Pink? Or at least get close enough for an autograph? How did I miss that? That's so cool!


oh yea i’ve never really talked about it here. last september he spent about a week on the train i was on. we got super high one night and had a long conversation about what the best can album is that divulged into me crying cause i convinced myself i was dreaming so he gave me a hug and said “you probably are who even knows”

hanging out in the “jam” car w/ him was great i loved watching him in his element and geekin out over awesometapesfromafrica reissues w/ his bassist tim. both really nice lovely people. ariel was as eccentric as i thought he’d be though like he brought all his belongings in a plastic grocery bag / never stayed in the same place for more than 5 minutes / had truly nocturnal sleeping habits due to years of touring. it was a neat experience that had me bent on moving to LA for awhile 

Wait what is slowcore? Im confused and hazy to if this is even a real genre


slowcore is a transcendental state of being achieved in quest for a higher plane of existence usually by level 8 scientologists & mopey sad kids who just got dumped

what are the best slowcore albums to kill urself to?


ouh yes thank you for asking me i’m kinda living for conversations about slowcore rn. anything from the back catalogs of codeine, red house painters, duster, idaho, low, vic chesnutt, low, carissa’s weird, and even most of galaxie 500 (arguably.. idk if they’re “slowcore” or just sleepy dream pop) & bedhead’s output are all fair game. respective classics. smog / american music club / matt elliot as well to some extent. it depends on if ur someone who slides downbeat minimalist alt-country under the perameters of “slowcore”. i do but i’ve heard people go either way. fr my money codeine and carissa’s were the best of the “seminal” slowcore bands and records like ‘songs about leaving’ (+ ugly but honest) and ‘frigid stars’/ ‘the white birch’ are unbeatable but that’s just me. i love idaho a whole bunch too.

others i’ve had on rotation as of late

  • the proud graduates + able bodies – spokane
  • different stars – trespassers william
  • plays one sound and others – knife in the water
  • La primera opera envasada al vacio – sr. chinarro
  • be mine tonight – dean roberts
  • collected songs + by the roads and the fields – crescent               
  • let us garland bring – early day miners
  • the going away is present – lowercase
  • are you driving me crazy? – seam
  • hier kommt der schwartze mond – valium aggelein
  • duffel bag – transona five
  • i know about you – ida
  • autoayuda emocional – ursula
  • please send help – soul whirling somewhere
  • lowercase – bluetile lounge
  • the blue moods of spain – spain  
  • S/T – giles corey

there are probably more i’m forgetting. also i like movietone pretty well i ferget the names of their albums but they’re solid. karate are ok too, a lil more emo-y than i usually like my slowcore but i can bite

Don’t be sad because he broke up with you, TR, Thank him for giving you the opportunity to indulge in listening to a stack of good devastating purgative breakup albums while being able to truly feel and relate to them and understand the horrible people they sing about. He’s given you the context to appreciate breakup song villains on a whole new level because he is one.


this actually feels like a life affirming much needed change of perspective right now lmao thank you pal

“i’m not mad at you for dumping me i’m happy you gave me a reason to spin carissa’s wierd for the first time in yrs and appreciate ‘songs about leaving’ way more than i ever did at 17. i owe you one” 

Re: Merzbow. I’ve been wanting to get into his back catalog for awhile. Do you have a favorite record of his or suggestion where to start? Thanks!


hmm well my absolute fav thing merz has ever done is “11 live collaborations” w/ achim wollscheid-  it’s less known but u can find it on slsk & it is wonderful stripped down free improv-y industrial noise. most of my favorites from him are collabs- his stuff with gore beyond necropsy, ladybird, kapotte muziek, consumer electronics… etc etc. “flare gun” is a great solo effort of his though, & “merzbeat” is good for one of his 2000’s works, better than anything he put out on tzadik around the time. his beat centric albums that have more ambient qualities are probably better suited for anyone tenuous about the “wall of sound/ infinite harsh tape loops” approach. i have a personal soft spot for the cassette releases of early incarnation merz like “crocidure dsi nezuma” “metal mad man” “flesh metal orgasm” and “ecobondage” as well as a lot of the niche label V/A comps they contributed to, the late 80s rugged DIY sound tends to be the style of noise i prefer

but as a rule if ur looking to get into that breed of japanese harsh noise i’d rec masonna, incapitants, hijokaidan, gerogerigegege, or hanatarash as a better starting point/ better acts in general over merz. ESPEICALLY hanatarash cause i’m a huge fan of any project yamatanka eye has ever had a part in. boredoms related bands above everything else always

going through your little bros twitter hes almost like a little mini you? its adorable omg


i shouldn’t be allowed to have a part in raising impressionable youth if this is what i turn them into 

Taylor Ruth I’m only a senior in highschool this year and I’ve thought for a long time that I didn’t want to go to college but I don’t know how to tell my parents. I think I’d either break their hearts or get thrown out. How did you deal with that part of dropping out?


wow i mean.. it totally varies depending on yr situation and relationship w/ your parents. my mom is the only parent i have in my life and when i told her i was dropping she was furious and told me i couldn’t move back home- so i picked up a second job, sold off a lot of my valuable records for some cash- and i didn’t. it’s hard to get that emotional distance you need without cutting off any & all dependence whether it be financial, insurance wise, or just having a roof over your head- which is tough when you’re young but i guess i value my own capacity for self reliance a lot.

she’s still mad and disappointed but there’s nothing i can do about it besides trust i’ve made the right choices for myself, which i do. i know higher education meant a lot her but if she’s always going to feel literally betrayed and resentful because i couldn’t fit into that path… even when i’m motivated elsewhere and working really hard… that’s on her, not me.

i wish you the best and i hope your parents have the grace not to hate you or kick you out immediately cause it’s roughhhh. but if they do low key haul it to indy and you can room with me till you figure it out

Sad. You appear oddly at ease for someone whose made the conscious decision to waste their life away.


oh my god beautiful i 110% want this message as a face tat


this is it this is what i’m supposed to look like

thank you friend

In the comic you posted today, did you mean for it to be a "nod" to The Magnetic Fields' song "100,000 Fireflies" when Susan Anway sings "You won't be happy with me, But give me one more chance- You won't be happy anyway." ?


shit you’re right it is i totally didn’t mean to do that at all! i said that out loud irl without even thinking i was pulling it from somewhere. my bad x 1000

but god this makes me realize like 80% of my breakup rhetoric w/ carter has probably been me coping morose indie pop verses in actual conversation i am pathetic

You don’t need to be so in-your-face with the anti college brigade. I have gone to an art school for two years now and it has been the best experience of my life. People go to university after primary school for what they want to do in life. Being anti college is your own problem if you haven’t figured that out yet.


it’s not that i’m anti college (well, not at all “anti college” in concept though i have a ton of grievances with the college system in america as it stands.. that’s a whole other ballgame tho) - it’s moreso that i’m concerned how many people go to college in compliance with doing what they think they’re supposed to be doing rather than actually questioning whether it’s necessary for them. i don’t mean that in the obtuse “they’re all just SHEEP following the HERD being a COG in the man’s MACHINE” way but rather just that the dialogue that surrounds alternative options to college is really limited right now for highschoolers- as a senior i don’t remember ever thinking that not going was an option that could still yield to me having a career outside the service industry, which is unfortunate and needs to change. ESPIEICIALLY for students pursuing the liberal arts/ fine arts/ fields

80% of the people i know in college are there because “that’s just what comes next” – and i think like 15-20 years ago that was more or less pretty procedural and not much to be concerned over but the post-college landscape for “millennials” is so different and worse than it has been for anyone before us and that IS something to be concerned about. inflated student loan debt + fewer job opportunities in a rapidly changing job landscape where many degrees are rendered useless within years time isn’t something to take lightly (i’m someone who is hugely afraid of debt.) but i also know i’m in no position to say what’s best for anyone, just myself. and for me i don’t think college is it, at least not now

& i think it’s unfortunate that a lot of people i encounter (set in the “college = path to fulfilling life” mindset) have the impression that i’m aimless or “wasting potential”, when really working two jobs while balancing my creative work and being forced to take personal accountability for every facet of my life has, as a whole, been a far more enriching and infinitely prudent experience than anything i picked up in a classroom

so, alright. ok. i’m gonna start losing my bitchin new black hair if i keep pouring over this played out topic

omggg taylor ruth im sorry ily i do but if thats a maya deren poster its prentuous af. like come on girl.


wow you sound exactly like my mom. the first thing she said to me when she came over to peep my novice decorating decisions was:  “oh please t-r, the last thing anyone cares about when they get to your bedroom is your boring taste in art house cinema” 

truest words to live by though