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Can you elaborate more on the christian agenda thing? Hah sorry I hope I’m not a bother, but I’m genuinely curious.

I realize my phrasing of “Christian agenda” was probably too harsh and I apologize- first off I’m perfectly fine with Christians, but I really do dislike feeling preached at. All of Forever 21’s bags are printed with “John 3:16” on the inside (a bible verse that refers to God sending the world Jesus.) I just find that to be a little manipulative. They also have a history of printings shirts that read “Jesus loves you” and the like (see here for a bunch of examples) which would be perfectly fine with me, but they of course never print shirts that say “Idk if there is a God” or “I <3 Muhammad.” It’s totally one sided.

Also, and I’ve only read a little bit about this so forgive any inaccuracies, but the company donates to Christian organizations. So shopping there means giving my money to an organization I don’t necessarily want to contribute to. It’s like why I won’t shop at the Salvation Army- their money goes to a surprising amount of homophobic lobbyists. 

And, maybe this is just me, but I think it’s odd that a company that identifies so strongly as being Christian sells clothes marketed to the 12-18 age bracket that is often overtly sexualized. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with sexy attire, but does a tube dress that barely covers your ass really adhere to their Christian morals? And does blatantly ripping off name brand designs follow those morals? 

In addition they’ve been cited numerous times for unfair labor practices. I’m not exaggerating, look it up. Actually I have a hard time shopping anywhere recently because so much stuff is made in sweatshops. Asos? Topshop? Gosh it’s really just sad how guilty they are. 

At the end of the day I just don’t find some ill fitting, probably scratchy and poorly constructed 19.99 sequined mini dress to be worth all that. And that probably makes me pretentious but I don’t care. Fair trade is something that concerns me.

If you’d like to know more about problems with Forever 21 I’d encourage you to read this article